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Are you interested in becoming a real estate investor? Are you unsure of where to start? Little Pink Houses of America™ proudly features options for any budget. Our bread and butter is our PINK Affiliate Program. We have affiliates all across the country who have locked arms with us to pave the way for a better present and future for them and their families. Looking to invest without cash or credit? Want to own a few Airbnbs? Want to build a substantial rental portfolio? We have solutions and a custom blueprint to fit your specific market and lifestyle. 

The PINK Affiliate Program

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Here at Little Pink Houses of America™, we have developed a tight-knit community of like-minded real estate investors that are on a mission to change the world by creating 10,000 new homeowners by 2025. 

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With just a handful of days remaining in December, the New Year is almost upon us. If you've wanted to get involved in Real Estate, there has never been a better time. Take advantage of our year-end promotions and see what PINK can do for you! 

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Little Pink Houses of America™ delivers unparalleled educational services to our Pink Affiliates. We feel your education backed by inspiration and action is the backbone of what you can accomplish within your real estate investing business.


Our first goal is to find your WHY and light a fire within you! Whether this is a side-hustle, full time career, or simply an income-generating hobby for you, we have a fully immersive supportive community that will help inspire you to be at your best! 


Action-takers are money makers! Knowledge and inspiration are just that without action. Action is what breeds success. When you can leverage your education and inspiration, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. 

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Your easy to follow strategy for creating up to 5 paydays on every No Cash, No Credit Real Estate Deal you touch. 

This FREE e-book will walk you through the steps you need to take to start making money in Real Estate TODAY! 

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If you’re serious about making money investing in real estate, then you can’t afford to miss this 2 Day Virtual Event!

Welcome to the PINK Experience

  • What it means to buy real estate "on creative TERMS"
  • How to create 5 paydays for every deal you hit on with the Pentagon Profitsphere®
  • How to buy properties without risking cash or credit
  • Where to find homeowners who want to sell on TERMS
  • How to become a “Transactional Engineer” that can and will structure any type of deal that comes your way
  • How you can work with our PINK team and get the full support of a vested community
  • Make sure you're doing business the right and LEGAL way
  • STOP spending money on so-called “automated systems” that coaches and YouTubers tell you are the silver bullet
  • How you can build long term wealth with cashflow
  • How you can pattern this business into a repeatable predictable machine 
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Are you serious about making money in the Real Estate Investment Business? If so, YOU can’t afford to miss our complimentary Master’s Class: the Pink way to Profits in Real Estate!

We’ll be covering how easy it is for you to get started and how quickly you can be depositing that first Real Estate check
  • How you can start your real estate business in as little as 14 days
  • How you can focus on the right work and get to your first deal within just 10 hours of work
  • How you can Earn-While You-Learn by simply implementing our teachings 
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What is the Story of Little Pink Houses of America?

Our Purpose is Simple.... We Create Homeowners!

Little Pink Houses of America™ is the vision of Founder Scott Ulmer. Scott and his team saw a need in the marketplace for everyday Americans. If you're a hard-working American, the dream of homeownership should be in reach. Unfortunately, with today's credit system and tight banking restrictions, that dream is slipping further and further away. Our Pink Purchase Program was created to solve that problem and bring middle America closer and closer to the dream that is homeownership.

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Get Educated in the PINK Academy Course Library.

We have comprehensive online training courses that are self-guided so you can learn at your pace—everything from how to build your business, acquire properties for your portfolio, create your million-dollar net worth, and much, much more. 

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Why Join the PINK Family to Further Your Real Estate Investing Career?

We seek results because we only succeed when you succeed. We're on a mission to create 10,000 new homeowners by 2025, and we need to find great action-taking partners to accomplish that Mission. Check out some of our outstanding community members and their experiences.

Tanfen Michell

"This family has welcomed me with open arms. They have supported me and helped me develop my understanding of the real estate industry. I have recouped my investment and became profitable with 12 months. My last deal made $36,500.00!"

 Austin Evans

"They call me the young Maverick, with affection! I am 23 years old and took a leap of faith to join the team here at pink, and I couldn't be happier. I have earned a six-figure income, and I'm on pace to double that this year! My last deal made $15,500.00!"

Nate Sierer

"$38,000.00 in one week leading up to Christmas! I want to thank everyone at the Little Pink Houses of America family for all the help and support. They have been by my side at every turn of the process. My last deal made me $12,300.00." 

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Connect Directly to the Source

Little Pink Houses of America™ is the brainchild of founder Scott Ulmer. Scott can help you take your Real Estate business to the next level. Learn more about how you can work one-on-one with Scott today.

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PINK TV is the ONLY channel dedicated to bringing you the latest trends and real-life testimonials from non-traditional real estate investing strategies.

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This is the realist podcast in real estate. We break down strategies you can implement as a real estate investor for today and tomorrow's market. We also provide real-life deal examples from PINK's students and Scott Ulmer himself. 

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