Motivated Sellers Are Coming

Nov 11, 2022

I read a report this morning that blew my mind. 

"Homeowners lost $1.5 TRILLION in equity since May"

My affiliates and I have noticed more and more motivated sellers popping up this year, and have put together great deals from it. 

But when you put a dollar figure to the cause, it is truly eye-opening. 

The $1.5T equity loss is the largest quarterly $$ decline since 2009 (!), according to the report. 

This has resulted in the number of homes underwater on their mortgage to rise by 275,000 in the past four months. 

And currently, 500,000 homes are underwater nationwide. 

That's 500,000 potentially motivated sellers. 

If you wanted to get into real estate investing, please don't wait.

The time is now. 

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