Dec 07, 2022

PINK Affiliates Will Clark and his wife LaShonda recently cashed a $94,000 check following an incredible Subject-To deal.

The transaction bore three big paydays:

  1. The buyer's down payment
  2. The buyer's monthly lease
  3. The closing

The deal started a couple years ago.

The Clarks found a distressed seller that was $10,000 behind on his mortgage payments.

They put the house under contract, marketed the property as an Executive Lease Purchase, and found a buyer with a $25,000 down payment.

The Clarks used $10k of that money to catch the mortgage up and pocketed the remaining $15k.

That was payday number one.

Will and LaShonda sold the house to the buyer on a 24-month lease purchase, and in the buyer's monthly lease payments, they were pocketing $300 after satisfying the mortgage.

This netted them an additional $7,200 throughout the term.

That was payday number two.

Finally, when the buyers completed their lease and closed on the home, Will and LaShonda recognized the difference and pocketed a check of $94,128.

In total, they made around $116,000 on the deal.

How much did they spend to get into it?


Will hadn't even heard of a Subject-To before doing this deal! But this is why we teach it.

How many industries provide the opportunity to cash checks this big at one time?

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