Why You NEED to be a PINK Affiliate® Going into 2023

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Heading into 2023, there are just way too many ways for newbies to cut their teeth investing in real estate. 

When it comes to the underground world of Real Estate Investing, there are endless ways to get started. It'll really make your head spin. But before you get dizzy trying them all, allow me to poke holes in what you thought you knew about real estate investing and teach you what I guarantee every investor wishes they knew years and years before they got started. 

These next two minutes could save you the next two years. 

Where to start… 

You can follow a guru's claims of riches by doing as little work as possible for massive amounts of money. These guys are all over the internet. You can go to the academy of YouTube, get the DIY education, and make a go of it. You can take the Bigger Pockets approach and collect your education and hope to connect with your peers. You can take the white glove approach and invest your hard-earned money with the people that do the work and hope for a great return. You can even invest in real estate through crowd-funding techniques or place your money with hedge funds that give you inconsistent returns. Let's also not forget your local REIA (Real Estate Investment Association) groups promoting a network and education that bring in a flavor of the month to promote a course, book, or coaching. 

All these things can work and help you find success and, more importantly, get you started in the beautiful world of Real Estate Investing. But that is just the beginning. Now, you must figure out what type of deals you can do. Are you going to be like the HGTV stars and fix and flip houses? Will you be a wholesale machine? Are you going to do Lease Options, Land Deals, or Subject-To? Will you buy rental properties and start your landlording empire? 

But wait, don't you need money to buy houses in real estate? Do you have enough cash to take advantage of a deal when you actually find one? And there is that little chore of finding deals. And not just any deal. You have to find highly profitable deals. I have yet to highlight 50% of the challenges, and as you can see, it's a tangled web of options leaving most people sitting on the sidelines wishing they knew what to do and where to start. 

Just like any other business, you need a plan, you need funding, and you need leads.

And in 2023, there’s no quicker road to all three than the PINK Affiliation Program.

Why am I so confident, you might ask?

For one, we have over 150 years combined experience in the Real Estate Investing space, and we have packaged all that experience into a streamlined solution that gives you the shortened pathway to success. 

Some of the biggest reasons a person fails in this real estate endeavor are the need for direction and confidence. At PINK, we lay out a specific plan that equals success for you. We don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes. We tailor your coaching and investing blueprint to you. We help identify your goals and build a custom program that will ensure a high success rate. You will have a plan full of short term goals with a long-term impact. 

Another reason people burn out in this business is they are short-sighted. Chunks of money are always great, and we have plenty of success stories showcasing people cashing big-time checks, but long-term wealth is just as significant, if not more so. 

When you become a PINK Affiliate, we are constantly striving to build your nest egg of wealth. If you go out there and take a wholesaling course or plug into a wholesaling outfit, you now have to do a large volume of transactions to make good money. In that space, the gurus are promoting doing 60 transactions a month to make six figures. I don't know about you, but 60 transactions a month sounds like zero freedom. That sounds like I will be tied to a phone and a computer babysitting deals to collect a lot of small checks. 

Our team never wants you to do 60 transactions a month. That doesn't give you more time or freedom. Again, what are your goals? 

If your goal is to find freedom, we will build you an achievable plan. You will be trained to become a true transaction engineer. A transaction engineer is a highly skilled investor who can look at a deal and decipher what transaction needs to take place to make the most money on the deal. 

You will become a master of No Cash, No Credit transactions. YES! You can buy real estate without risking your hard-earned cash or credit. You will also learn how to raise funds properly to buy deeply discounted properties and flip those houses for large paydays. 

You won't just have a coach or a mentor. You will have a true partner. Someone who will talk to your sellers and buyers, negotiate your deals, and ensure you don't make mistakes and lose profits. You will have a notional brand that solves many problems for "mom and pop" investors. You don't have to worry about building a website or developing online reviews and referral sources. You get all of that with your PINK Affiliation. 

Our story becomes your story. 

Are you a person that learns by application face-to-face? We understand, and you will be invited to our office in Jacksonville, Florida to learn the strategies and processes you need to become successful. You will be going through a four-day intensive training and have a standing invitation once a quarter for as long as you're a PINK Affiliate. 

Do you like to learn online? We have that covered too. You will have instant access to hundreds and hundreds of online training modules covering every aspect of our business that you can always connect to at your convenience. Our company will keep you on the cutting edge as an investor and always lend a hand of guidance as you build momentum and find success. 

The most exciting part is you have this at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost our competitors charge. As Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas once said, "We simply have the better product at a lower price!" 

If you're serious about getting into real estate and want your piece of the action, don't hesitate to schedule a strategy session with us, and let's explore how we can get you started down the path of success.

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