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The PINK Experience LIVE 2022
October 19th, 20th, and 21st - In Jacksonville, FL

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Are you ready to finally take the plunge into the lucrative world of Real Estate Investing?


Maybe you're an active investor looking to take your business to the next level.

Maybe you want to learn the craft that generated 95% of the world's generational wealth.

Real Estate is your sure path to life-changing money, and right now, the market is presenting can't-miss opportunities.

The current economic climate is initiating the most significant transfer of wealth the world has ever witnessed.

Over the next 2-3 years, some of the world's newest wealthiest class members will be born.

During this power-packed three-day Live Event, you will learn how to leverage your time, money, and knowledge to ensure that you are on the receiving end of this insane transfer of wealth.

This LIVE event is your chance to take a look behind the curtain of a Real Life Real Estate Operation. We are buying and selling houses every week and will show you the systems and processes it takes to succeed in this business.

You will not just learn the strategies we implement to buy and sell houses but also see them live in action.

Take Advantage of This 3 Day Event!

This 3 day pawer-packed event is a can't-miss date. Don't put off what you could start today. The best time to plant tree was 30 years ago the next best day to plant that tree is today. 

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What Exactly is the PINK Experience?


The PINK XP is our answer to an ever-changing Real Estate Investing Market.

We have thousands of students all across North America, and they have various levels of experience.

The number one reason we see people fail is they don't take action.

The second biggest reason is because they don't take the appropriate action. 

There is sooooo much information on the internet. With every Tom, Dick, and Sally being a superstar Real Estate Investor with a YouTube channel, it's tough to decipher which information is good or bad

We decided to help you cut through all the B.S. in the marketplace! 

We have built YOU a 3-Day LIVE event highlighting the three main pillars of success for ANY Real Estate Investor in ANY market. 

Why is it so important right now?

While this stuff works in any market, the current economic climate is presenting opportunities as we have never seen before. 

The pandemic was a tough time for many people, and the Real Estate market has been a very crazy ride the past couple of years.

But, right now, the tide is turning, and one of the most significant transfers of wealth in history is coming. 

Are You Prepared? 

If you're not implementing the following three strategies into your investing portfolio, you're not setting yourself up for maximum success, and you need to be at this live event. 

What are the strategies, and why should you care

NUMBER 1 – No Cash, No Credit Deals

Why is this important? 

When you first start investing in real estate, it's less about investing your money and more about investing a little time.  

You NEED to learn the acquisitions side of this business. 

You need to master getting inventory to sell because if you have nothing to sell, you can't make money!

This course will highlight the best No Cash, No Credit strategies in any economy or market cycle. 

These are not gimmicky strategies for a speculative market condition. 

These strategies are tried-and-true and proven to work.

NUMBER 2 – Cash Deals AKA Fix and Flip Deals 

Why do YOU need to know how to make cash buys? 

Wellllllll...... NOT everything you see on T.V. is a scam! 

HGTV has gotten a bit of a bad reputation for promoting shows that make flipping houses look super easy. 

And while it's TRUE, flipping houses never quite goes to plan like the highly produced T.V. shows would like you to believe. They do, however, make A LOT of money when done right. 

And doing them right is what our PINK Family does. 

We will teach you the exact same way we tackle fix and flip deals to make large profits. 

This course will highlight making cash buys and lining up the money to make those buys through leveraging OPM (other people's money). 

We will share how to qualify a property as a good fix and flip candidate and take down these deals and make those larger profits! 

Fixing and flipping deals is a strategy that will always exist and be successful. 

When you can make a good buy at a discount and create equity through improvements, you will always have a significant sales margin to make excellent profits in ANY market condition. 

NUMBER 3 – Wealth Building with Income Properties

Why income properties? 

The third pillar of success is adding income properties to your portfolio!

The key to excelling at this game of life and finding true financial freedom hinges on your ability to make money passively.

What is passive income?

Passive income is an investment that pays you while you're not giving more effort.... it's mailbox money or sleepy time payments.... a gravy train of cash if you will! 

Income properties are something that pays you cash flow and creates long-term wealth assets. 

If there were ONLY ONE THING you took away from all of this, we would say, "BUY INCOME PROPERTIES NOW!"

This LIVE Event will show you a simple plan to become a millionaire in the next ten years (or sooner) and how you can acquire single-family rentals, Airbnb, VRBO, and Multi-Family income properties! 

If you're serious about Real Estate Investing and want to make significant money in this business, you can't afford to miss the PINK Experience. 

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Take Advantage of This 3 Day Event!

This 3 day pawer-packed event will fill up quickly and we are only accepting 10-15 LIVE attendees so don't miss out on your seat!

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Live Training Testimonials

Day 1 The Foundation

We will teach you the three core strategies you need to be a complete Real Estate Investor and leverage these strategies to find maximum success in this business.

We will cover No Cash, No Credit Real Estate Investing, and Creative Financing.

We will cover the core of buying for cash, fixing them up, and creating value and equity to gain large paydays.

And the most important thing that you can do to build wealth is own income properties.

We are going to show you how you can retire a millionaire guaranteed.


Day 2 Cash to Flip

We will teach you about private funding for your deals, otherwise known as OPM (other people's money).

We will also take you to a live project and show you hands-on what it takes to flip houses.

You will meet professional contractors and walk an actual flip property!

And this might be the most incredible thing we do.... we are going to request that you can bring at least ten deals to this live event, and we are going to work those deals for you LIVE.

We intend that you leave here with a serious prospect of closing a deal! 


Day 3 Long-Term Wealth 

We will take the strategies you've already learned that generate sizable Cash Flow and add to them with income properties!

Income properties are your long-term wealth accumulators.

Most people don't know that if you can acquire just a single family $100,000 house every year for ten years, you will have a real estate portfolio worth over 3.4 million dollars by the time those loans mature.

That's a multi-million dollar retirement or succession plan for you and your family.

And that's not all we will show you how to flip into rentals, Air BnB properties, and Multi-Family Cash Flow monsters! 


Take Advantage of This 3 Day Event and Get These Amazing Bonuses!


Just for taking action and committing to the LIVE event, we will be packaging some of our online content specifically for you.

That's right, once you secure your ticket and make this investment in yourself, you will get access to three core online training courses.

First, you will get the PINK Experience online course. This will outline the core teachings of what we will be training you LIVE in our Jacksonville offices. This course will give you a fantastic head start on the knowledge and information that will be shared at this live event.

Next, you will get access to our online recording of our PINK Cash Buying Convention that took place earlier this year. We had a room full of some of PINK's top-performing affiliates who paid $50,000 or more to be part of our inner circle. We have this game-changing event recorded, and you will have access to that just for signing up for this live event!

And last but not least, you will get full access to The Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix, our immersive home study course breaking down the eight greatest No Cash, No Credit Real Estate Investing Strategies under the sun! This online powered home study course gives a deep dive on – Lease Options, Wholesaling, Wholetailing, Options, Assignments, Land Installments, Owner Financing, and Subject-To's. This course includes everything --150-plus video lessons, scripts, contracts, marketing practices, deal breakdowns, phone role play and more.

The value of these bonuses exceeds $1,500.

They're all yours for free if you attend the PINK Experience LIVE!

YES! I Want My Tickets NOW....


So if this value wasn't already the craziest thing you've ever read, we are going to offer you to bring one guest at ZERO extra cost! We want you to share this experience with someone close to you, your partner in life or a business partner, maybe your son or daughter, in hopes of building a succession plan or anyone you think is a good fit for this event. They can come with you at no charge whatsoever!

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My 100% NO BS Guarantee

I guarantee you'll walk away with the tools and knowledge you can use to add MORE deals, MORE sales... and MORE profit this year. 

If, after the three days, you feel you haven't received even one "money breakthrough" that could potentially change your business and if you feel you didn't receive what we're promising on this page...

Then I'll Refund Your Investment, Every Penny. 

If you're not happy, then I'm not happy, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Now, the likelihood of this happening is VERY low.

But the reason why I can have such a strong guarantee is because I KNOW when you're in the room at Pink Experience LIVE...

You can't help but be hit by one knowledge bomb after another... All containing real ACTIONABLE advice you can apply and experience a business transformation you've been looking for...

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