We are going to share with you over 25 Years of Insider Information on How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Without Risking Any Cash or Credit, Leveraging the Real Estate Investing Unicorn that is 'Subject-To.'

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Highpoints We Breakdown in this Comprehensive Course

Where to Find the Leads

We are going to share with you the type of deals that identify as Subject-To and where you can find them.

What to Say to the Sellers

We are going to teach you the scripting needed to have successful conversations with sellers.

Structure the Deals

We are going to break down deals with you and show you how to structure yours for a profitable outcome. 

Subject-To Secrets

This $47.00 Offer will show you one of the industry's most guarded secrets from A to Z. Don't miss this opportunity!

Get the Entire Course for JUST $47.00

From the Desk of Scott Ulmer

Jacksonville, FL

Right now, we all must pay attention to the indicators that our markets are in trouble. 

We currently are enjoying financial returns in a bullish market that are unprecedented.

The housing market is booming like never before, and the average person isn't looking for the pitfalls.

I urge you to be ready to take action when the tides change.

Markets are cyclical, and this market seems to be reaching its peak, which leaves it only one way to go, and it isn't up.

I'm giving you an intensive course, "Subject-To Secrets," for just $47.00! I want to share this unique strategy that has made myself and the insider investors all across North America hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it doesn't require cash or credit or flipping houses! 

We will share my 25 years of knowledge buying and selling Real Estate 'Subject-To'.

Subject-To is when you're buying homes subject-to the underlying financing staying in place. 

Take me up on this $47.00 offer and see how you can start buying homes ASAP in your market using this strategy and be ready for the massive transfer of wealth that is coming. 

We will share with you over 25 Years of Insider Information on How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Without Risking Any Cash or Credit. Leveraging the Real Estate Investing Unicorn that is 'Subject-To' for JUST $47.00

“I met Scott over 10 years ago and the first real estate strategy we implemented together was a subject-to deal. We netted over $65,000.00 on that deal and I was hooked! If I had the opportunity to learn how to do a subject-to for just $47.00 I would say yes 11 out of 10 times.” - Kyle Cook

Jackson, MS

Get the Entire Course for JUST $47.00

WTF is a Subject-To?

Subject-To is an industry-leading secret that allows you to buy someone's home 'subject to the underlying financing staying in place.

This strategy will enable you to purchase homes with little to no money, and we train you how to buy them without risking a single dollar of your own money.

Understanding how to help people by leveraging No Cash, No Credit strategies will be a locked-in plan for success in this upcoming Real Estate environment.

We are giving away a comprehensive course, "Subject-To Secrets," where we take you by the hand and show you the inner workings of a subject-to deal. Not only how we perform them, but how you can implement this strategy and find large paydays right now.

Timing is everything in business, and if you have this weapon in your arsenal, you will be prepared to bring people solutions to their problems and make a lot of money along the way.

We will also be sharing our secrets to success in today's outlandishly HOT market. We target deals with $10,000 paydays as a minimum, and we are getting those deals without coming out of pocket with any cash or risking any credit leveraging Subject-To. 

What is the Subject-To Secrets Membership?


This course is a guided course where I have taken my 25 plus years of experience and put it into easy-to-follow immersive training modules. You will have access to all my Subject-to Knowledge. How I find the leads, what I say to them, what contracts I use to structure the deals and how I negotiate the deals to maximize profits! 

You gain lifetime access to this course and enroll yourself in our Home Finding Hero's community, where you can connect with like-minded investors pulling in the same direction trying to achieve the same goals! 

You will have access to my Subject-To Workflow and Checklist, not to mention the Contracts we use to navigate these No Cash, No Credit deals! 

Let's also not forget about the immense value we are giving away without DEAL HOTLINE

What is the DEAL HOTLINE? 

Simple if you're working a deal and you're a member of our Subject-To community, you can put that deal in front of a member of our team, and we will dissect it with you and help you to formulate a game plan to lock in the deal and make the most profit you can. 

Deal Testimonial Here

Okay, that all sounds great, but why JUST $47.00?

I could sit here and tell you that it is simply because I want to prepare you for what is coming, and I know that money is a barrier for most people. Most people don't invest in themselves for whatever reason. 

But in the spirit of transparency, I want to know if you're someone who can take action! Action takers are money makers, and I'm on a mission to create 10,000 new homeowners by the year 2025. 

I need to identify people who are willing to grab life by the horns and make it happen. I could send you to a webinar then sell you a course at $1,000 or $1,500, and some of you would do that and take this amazing information and do well with it. 

Sign up for the $47.00 Offer, get access to Subject-To Secrets and start on your path to becoming a successful Real Estate Investor Today.

What Do I Get?

Get the Entire Course for JUST $47.00